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MedReady Pill Dispenser w/ Flashing Light Alarm P1600FL

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MedReady Automated Medication Dispenser with Flash Light # P1600FL
Helps Prevent double medication and forgotten medication

Affordably priced less than similar devices, the Med Ready Automated Medication Dispenser is a convenient medication manager that stores medication under lock and key and holds up to 7 days of 4 times-a-day dosing. The MedReady Automated Medication Dispenser operates using easy-to-use microchip technology, making it easy to avoid missed and double medication.

The pill tray has 28 compartments and can be programmed to deliver one to four doses a day.If you use one daily alarm, the tray is good for 28 days of medication dispensing. Each compartment is 1" x .5' x .75" and can hold pills of different sizes and combinations of sizes. When the alarm sounds, the tray advances allowing you access to the medication in that compartment by sliding open the white window and taking out the medication with the fingers. If you miss a medication time, the tray will advance at the next scheduled alarm. This will prevent double dosing and medication errors.

Product Benefits:


    MedReady conveniently utilizes AC power, but in the event of an outage or short-term travel, switches automatically to included rechargeable batteries.


    MedReady is tamper-proof to provide the maximum in security. Instead of employing a latch, our system utilizes a real lock and key, and the edges are secure. With access by key-only, caregivers can load MedReady and monitor patient compliance.
 Useable Clock

    The extra large LED read-out is easily viewed from any angle and is self-illuminating so it can be seen in any light.
    Medication Card Holder

    MedReady provides a card holder on the bottom of the unit for a printed copy of the prescriptions for all medications in the dispenser.

    Easy-to-Set Alarms

    Setting the timers and alarms is as easy as setting a digital alarm clock.

Product Features:

  •     Flashing red strobe light for hearing impaired.
  •     The extra large LED read-out is easily viewed from any angle and is self-illuminating so it can be seen in any light.
  •     A Rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride battery pack for travel/power outages is supplied.
  •     Battery Pack with 72 hours power.
  •     Also normal 120 volt AC household wall socket capability.
  •     Prevents Double Dosing.
  •     Audible Alarm.(Standard Alarm is 90db or 2800-3000 HZ - a little less than a smoke detector would sound.
  •     Easy Filling Procedure.
  •     Pill Privacy Cover.
  •     Battery Saver AC Power Adaptor.
  •     Anti-Pill Jam Design.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 10.25" diameter x 3" deep
Weight 2.5 lbs
Electric 120 volt; 60 Hz; 6 watts
Power Cord Length 6'
Approvals UL approved
Warranty 1 Year
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